A place in everyone’s heart has been won by the daily soap Pandya Store thanks to its compelling plot and surprising turns. Fans enjoy all of the characters in the program and are especially devoted to Shiva and Raavi, who frequently top the popularity lists.

Kanwar gave his opinions about the bizarre material that has been included in television programs. “I believe that the channel and the authors’ choices are where you can mislead the audience and not fool them. Although not everyone does that, if there is a specific scene and I am not convinced, I wouldn’t watch it. Some people would voluntarily carry out the script’s instructions. I would reject someone if I personally thought they were foolish. There are fantasy shows where the individuals shooting them wouldn’t even relate to them, but there is a segment of the population who would relate to them and make the show popular on television.

The broadcasters will be keeping track of everything shared on social media and by viewers, he continued, adding that “larger people” also enjoy the channel. The content quality has changed, and I am pleased with it. I believe the content should not lose its plot and turn into a whole other program because television will never go away in the first place. TV has an audience that will never go, and it is difficult to hold them.

Kanwar explained how he won the Pandya Store in a live session, saying, “I was planning something big and major and that’s why I wasn’t on television after “Internet Wala Love” on Colors’ TV.”

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