A law student, Amy, drops out of college to discover her passion for art in Florence. It’s based on the memoir by Tembi Locke, who has also created the series with her sister Attica Locke.

Amy bumps into Lino, a Sicilian chef and winds up with a whirlwind romance. By Thanksgiving, 2022, he moves to LA to be with her. He’s not very happy yet Amy and he share a love like no other. He prepares the most fantastic food for her parents which no one touches, yet their true love helps them overcome every battle.

They marry in a beautiful ceremony, pursue their careers, adopt a daughter and then fates test them-they have to deal with Lino’s cancer diagnosis. If you are in a mood for love, great sights, cute romance, ordering in some nice Italian food, this one is a good binge.

What starts as a good romance leads to a story of love and loss and till death do us part. The chemistry of the couple is amazing and I loved Lino’s character. A kind, simple guy whose never been out of Italy, trying to make his place in the world. It’s a cute story but a little sad. With only 8 episodes, watch it but keep a box of tissues alongside. You’ll need it if you’re like me, I cry easily.

Streaming on Netflix.

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