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If you want to age gracefully, say goodbye to these habits.


As we grow older, we notice family, friends and others keeping their distance from us. Strange isn’t it? We feel we have become wiser yet very few people stay connected. Some habits we need to watch out for;

  1. BEING NEGATIVE- As one grows older, we are all looking for positivity and more joy. Less drama, more maturity. A pessimistic attitude pushes others away.
  2. SAY SORRY WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE- Owning up to your mistakes and saying ‘sorry’ is the best way to keep relationships intact.
  3. HANGING ON TO RESENTMENT- Holding on to grudges turns you into an angry, resentful being. No one wants to be with an angry person.
  4. AVOIDING CONFLICTS ALL THE TIME- When you avoid conflicts, you miss the chance for a healthy conversation and a healthy communication. Once barriers in the mind creep up, the relationship can sever.
  5. BEING STUCK IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE- Be ready for new experiences. If you fail to change with times and want to live in the past, you might end up alone.
  6. BE INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLE- You have to be genuinely interested in other people’s likes and dislikes. It can’t only be about you.
  7. HAVE EMPATHY- Empathy helps us understand and share the feelings of others. Feel for other people, their joy, their sorrows. You give love, you’ ll get it.
  8. STOP CRITICIZING- The best way to have people around you, is to stop criticizing. It leads to an unhealthy environment and can be draining.
  9. VALUE OTHER’S TIME- When you shop up late or cancel your commitments, you are sending a message that the person is not important.

Getting old alone will be boring, be careful.



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