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What is a stoic mindset? Know more about it and apply it in your daily lives.


Stoicism is a Greek philosophy that provides tools for personal growth. It encourages people to cultivate their inner strength, manage stress and build emotional strength.

Stoicism emphasizes on being wise, just and courageous. It helps people to control their impulse and focus on the internal more than the external. It teaches us to let go of what we cannot change and stop worrying.


  1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL- Direct your attention to things that are in your power, stop worrying about the external factors.
  2. ACCEPT REALITY- Learn to love fate. Accept the present with peace.
  3. REGULATE YOUR EMOTIONS- Be calm, be in control, react carefully.
  4. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS AND LIVE IN THE PRESENT- Don’t waste too much time thinking of the past or future. Live in the moment.
  5. DEVELOP RESILIENCE- Try to overcome adversity and cultivate patience. This helps to deal with situations better.
  6. GRATITUDE- Gratitude is the best attitude, shift from negative to positive, you’ll learn to see the greater good in the situation.

To conclude, to deal with life better, we need a good mental attitude. A bad/ negative attitude makes a mountain out of a molehill,  so keep the balance, be brave, have hope and move on.


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