With their on-screen chemistry, Sumbhul Touqeer and Fahmaan Khan captivated the hearts of many. In the continuing Star Plus series Imlie, they portray Imlie and Aryan, the series’ leads. Due to its ability to keep viewers interested with its twists and storylines, prime Indian drama continues to have one of the highest TRP ratings. And now, in an effort to increase its popularity even further, the show’s creators intend to make a significant change that will force these major performers to leave.

While rumours of their departure have been circulating for a while, Fahmaan Khan used social media to officially announce it. The actor stated, “We know that you have been hearing a lot of rumors on Instagram and social media,” in a video posted to him on Instagram. We believed that you deserved to hear the truth from us and that you should know it. We wish to confirm the veracity of the report. The show’s creators have chosen to jump a generation, and it works well. We and the producers have a mutual understanding in this regard. They have discussed it with us. Before receiving any confirmation, we did not wish to announce.

He also mentioned how significant Imlie’s voyage had been for him as he bid farewell. Additionally, he highlighted how special it was for Sumbhul, who played the lead role, given that she had a lengthier trip than he did. “Don’t expect too much. Everything wonderful eventually has to come to an end. Nothing lasts a lifetime. “Change is constant,” he continued. In the video, Sumbhul also talked, attributing her success and notoriety to the program. The performers concluded that while the characters may change, the creators won’t by asking their fans to continue to love and support the program.

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