A beautiful elephant is seen learning how to play the drums from a guy in a video that was posted on Twitter.

Netizens are amused by a remarkable video showing an incredibly skillful elephant, and it will likely make you smile. Millions of people have watched the short, 39-second video on Twitter, exclaiming over the sight of the elephant learning how to play the drum from a man before switching to using its trunk to play the instrument.

The video was posted on Twitter with the description, “There is a drummer in every one of us.” A laughing emoji and an elephant were also present. An elephant is seen attentively observing the man playing the drum with sticks at the beginning of the video.

More than 4.8 lakh people have seen the video since it was uploaded on November 10. Additionally, it has received more than 7,700 likes and a number of comments.

“Very nice. adore it “a person posted. Another person said with a love emoji, “Beautiful.” “Lovely,” a third person said. A fourth person said, “But not everyone keeps the rhythm.”

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