An online video of a father cycling with nine kids has gone viral. The video has received 150k views since it was posted on Twitter by Jaiky Yadav.

After the world population surpassed 8 billion on November 15, there is a tonne of videos and blogs doing the rounds online. A strange video of a guy pedaling a bicycle while holding nine kids has also gone viral and attracted attention online. The video has received 150k views since it was posted by Jaiky Yadav on Twitter. A father was seen riding a bicycle while pulling nine kids in the now-viral footage. You did read that correctly. Three children were seated in the rear, and one of the children stepped on top of the others to hold the man’s shoulders. Two of the kids were in the front, and one of them.

Netizens had a variety of responses to the popular video, which they shared in the comments area. A user asked, “Itne bachche (So many kids)?” Yet another user said, “Be accountable. People in positions of authority have a duty to teach them.”

One user commented- “Koi jakar iss ko batao ko ki aap chahe  jitna bachcha kar liya ho . Magar aap apni aur bachche ki jaan se mat khelo. Ye sahi nahi hai”

While Yadav claimed that the video was from India in the description, numerous people pointed out that the assertion was untrue.

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