ARMY has been impatiently awaiting Jin’s acting debut. He really studied acting before joining the BTS, and while he was preparing for the K-pop band group, Jin was also committed to his acting studies. He focused on his BTS career, showcasing his acting talents in music videos and BTS WORLD. But ‘Actor Jin’ has been trending on social media, and Jin’s followers want to see him in a Korean movie or K-drama. Well, after actor Kim Nam-gil acknowledged working with Jin in one of his interviews, Jin’s acting debut made headlines.

When discussing working with young people in Cosmopolitan Korea, Kim Nam-gil mentioned Jin by name. ARMY believed that Jin and Kim may have collaborated on a movie. The revelation that Jin attended the Emergency Declaration premiere fueled rumors that he will make his acting debut. Kim Nam-gil is one of the leading actors in the film, and ARMY speculated that Jin would have a supporting role.

However, Jin has finally responded to rumors that he would make his acting debut. He posted on Weverse after seeing the movie, saying, “I liked viewing the movie! Thank you very much to all of our ARMYs that came to support me, even though I didn’t feature [in the movie]. I believe I was able to relax a little bit because of you. “I adore you, Army.” “I’m working hard preparing with my primary job as well, so please just wait a little bit,” he said in another post.

Jin won’t be making his acting debut anytime soon, it is obvious. ARMY is anticipating BTS’ collaboration with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dog in the meanwhile. On August 5, 2022, their song “Bad Decisions” will be released.

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