While OTT content platforms grew rapidly in India and around the world, theatres and multiplexes have been steadily declining. It’s easy to understand why. To view several movies and TV series, you can pay a monthly membership to an OTT platform instead of purchasing a single ticket for a single movie. Post-pandemic, users have also developed a lackadaisical attitude. Few people want to endure the discomfort of entering a theatre and sitting through a movie that is longer than two hours. They would want to build up a fantastic home theatre inside their houses and view all the same stuff there, at their leisure and at their chosen times, without anybody else interfering.

When compared to other telcos abroad, Indian telecom providers make very little average profit from each customer. Consumers may view an increasing amount of OTT material without sacrificing their sense of security since bandwidth is so inexpensive. Customers may also purchase OTT subscriptions as part of their high-speed internet plans, particularly with the FTTH services offered by reputable ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Jio. As a result, users now have access to several OTT platforms as well as high-speed internet with limitless bandwidth. Why would a consumer want to go and pay separately in such circumstances to watch movies with multiple people bothering him or her in uncomfortable seats?

Additionally, the customer would prefer to pay a single charge for the OTT subscription rather than paying more and more to view it in movie theatres when Bollywood actors and production companies are quickly selling the rights to their films to OTT platforms following their quick theatrical debut. Yes, the experience of viewing a movie at a multiplex is distinct, but thanks to modern technology, customers can now largely duplicate that experience in their homes, where they can enjoy high-quality content on fast internet connections and powerful sound systems and screens.

It would be reasonable to conclude that the expansion of OTT platforms has cost theatres a significant amount of money.

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