A 911 agent was sent to rescue a lady who was trapped upside down in a piece of gym equipment after she somehow managed to ring the emergency number on her smartphone.

The gym-goer, Christine Faulds of Ohio, got into a tough situation while exercising on an inversion table.

Christine can be seen attempting her best to elevate her lower body in footage of the event. But she quickly realized that she was helpless.

She can be heard discussing her situation with a 911 executive a few seconds into the video.

She is heard stating in the video, “I’m trapped in this reverse, like, back decompression thing. I guess the thing went too far and I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up.

She got trapped in the gym’s equipment in Berea, Ohio’s Powerhouse Gym.

Unfortunately for her, Jason was the only person she knew who was in the gym at 3 AM. He couldn’t hear her, though, because he was in another room.

Christine was repeatedly unable to get herself up, so she eventually dialed 911 and requested assistance.

“I wish there were more people in the gym right now, but I’m trapped in this reverse back decompression exercise.” I don’t know why, but in the gym, I just can’t get anyone’s attention. I just can’t get myself right side up; I’m upside down,” she stated.

The officer can be seen standing next to the vehicle at the end of the video, assisting Christine in exiting it.

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