Jawan, released yesterday and the movie has hit it big! According to Hindustan Times, “What’s consistent is Jawan is the top-notch and intricately choreographed action that offers an absolute cinematic experience. All the hype about Bollywood meets South makes sense when you see so much south ka tadka, especially in sl0-mo shots, gravity-defying action with men flying and hero with his demigod status.”

The movie, is a high-octane action-packed thriller. The movie is based on the sensitive topic of farmers suicide, over the repayment of loans. The movie is a saga of bravery, sacrifice and honor. Directed by Atlee, the narrative is brilliant and draws out the emotions of the viewers.

Lead role played by Shahrukh Khan, the movie has SRK, playing the role of a Jawan. With an exciting supporting cast, with Sethupathi, Nayanatara, each character leaves a mark. The movie’s cinematography is a treat. The soundtrack resonates all along. Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in the cameo role.

The movie is a great watch for all Indians. Be ready for James Bond, Batman and all the heroes you can think of.  The movie balances humour, tragedy and revenge. With a runtime of approx. 2 hrs 49 mins, the movie will have you glued.

Finally, the cash registers are ringing, the pop-corn is selling and the buzz is back. Havea good weekend and book your tickets NOW!

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