After a successful theatrical run, the investigation thriller “John Luther,” which stars Mollywood actor Jayasurya, will be released on a well-liked OTT platform on August 5.

Abhijith Joseph, the director of “John Luther,” announced the release of his first film through OTT on his own Instagram account. “John Luther streaming from August 5,” the filmmaker said with a poster he shared from the crime thriller.

In the movie, directed by Abhijith Joseph, Jayasurya played the title role, a circle inspector who loses his hearing and has burst eardrums while looking into the disappearance of a teacher named Prakashan. The movie contains a number of components that keep viewers firmly seated in their chairs.

Abhijith Joseph, a first-time director and writer of “John Luther,” received praise from the audience for his skillful handling of a thriller with the ideal balancing of emotions and interesting components. In Abhijith Joseph’s first film as a filmmaker, Jayasurya received praise for playing the part of “John Luther.”

The film’s camera was turned on by Roby Varghese Raj, while Praveen Prabhakar handled the editing. The soundtrack for “John Luther” was written by Shaan Rahman, and the movie premiered on May 27.

Along with Jayasurya, important parts in “John Luther” are played by Athmeeya Rajan, Siddique, Drishya Raghunath, Sreelakshmi,Pramod Velliyanad, and Deepak Parambol.

Meanwhile, Jayasurya is working on a number of extremely ambitious projects, including the movies “Apposthalan,” “Ramasethu,” “2403 ft.,” “Enthada Saji,” and “Kathanar- The Wild Sorcerer.”

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