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K-Pop : iKON Releases New Single “Why Why Why”


Popular K-Pop group iKON made their comeback with the release of new single “Why Why Why”. The group shared an official poster on their social media channels before releasing the single.

The new digital single released on 3rd March 2021. iKON members shared their happiness and reactions with their fans through the interview.


When interviewer questioned about how they felt after listening to the track for the very first time, Yunhyeong laughed and replied honestly:

“Title track, the composition wasn’t obvious. Usually, the outro ends after the bridge, but ‘Why Why Why’ ends with the emotion at its peak. That part seems to be the charming point that makes you want to hear it again and again. Particularly, there is a section where Donghyuk cries, and I can’t forget his face when he recorded that part. I think that’s the killing point of this song.”


Each member of iKON sang their part with so much enthusiasm during recording. They also informed about their group participation in Mnet’s Kingdom. Bobby even added that he was in tears when he listened to Donghyuk’s lyrics part.

iKON members made their grand comeback with “Why Why Why”. Are you excited to watch the MV??



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