Actress Kangana Ranaut is used to calling a spade a spade, there’s no diplomacy around her and she is not the one to hesitate to voice her opinion. On Tuesday, she took an indirect dig at Alia and Ranbir’s marriage.

For the unversed, Kangana wrote, “In another news, a farzi/fake husband wife jodi who live on separate floors and pretend to be a couple, are spreading fake news about movie announcements which aren’t being made, also calling a brand owned by Myntra their own…besides no one wrote about how wife and daughter were snubbed from a recent family trip, while so-called husband was texting me, begging and pleading to meet him..This farzi jodi needs to be exposed…”

Taking it a step further, she adds, “This is what happens when you marry for movie promotions/ money/work and not for love…this actor who married under the pressure of a mafia daddy was promised a movie trilogy in return for marrying papi ki pari. Movie trilogy has been canned and now he is desperately trying to break free from the fake marriage…but sadly no takers for him now..he must focus on his wife and daughter..once a wedding is done, there’s no turning back…rectify yourself.”

Neetu Kapoor wrote a cryptic reply, “The reason why our families are not the same anymore is because we buried the ones who used to keep the family together.”

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