Raveena Tandon rocks! From the opening scene, the way she carries herself, I was sure this one was going to be a good one. The 7-episode series is a gripping watch.

Raveena Tandon is a high-society woman of Alibaug, and all her name and fame is built with hidden secrets. She holds the strings of society in Alibaug and everyone aims to please her. Then comes in Karmma Talwar, the neighbour who raises several questions.

The aim of the serial is to portray that what goes around, comes around. Karmma is infact the daughter of Satyajit who had been framed for money laundering wrongly by the Kotharis.

Adapted from the hit US original series ‘Revenge’, directed by Ruchi Narain, this drama takes us through the perils of the lives of the rich and famous. A single, young girl, avenges the death of her father. The serial is full of inconsistencies though, how a young orphan girl became so rich and how a sole person gets away with so much damage that she has caused to others. The screenplay needed more attention.

Raveena plays her role to perfection, well dressed, throwing the most lavish parties with all the high-class people, even hiring a chopper to see the moon on Karwachauth, yet all that glitters is not gold. Her relationship with her family is all on the rocks. The season ends abruptly, leaving us waiting for Season 2 to come soon.

I enjoyed it and Raveena is the star in this!

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