The movie 12th fail is doing gloriously well. the movie was made on a budget of 20 crores roughly and in the theatres alone it has earned 55.63 crores net.

During a special event on Saturday, Vidhu said, “100 days ago, in this very screen, we had our first show. When we talk about numbers, 100 crores, now there’s 500 crores, 1000 crores, 2000 crores, but to me it boils down to one thing: What is your intention, why are you making that film? You make an honest film and it can reach those numbers.”

He added, “When I was making the film, 12th Fail, I was told by everyone, including my dearest wife, film critic Anupama Chopra to put it out on OTT. She said, ‘Nobody will go to see Vinod! Teri aur Vikrant ki film (It is your and Vikrant’s film)!’ she told me I don’t know; I am not connected with movies anymore. On top of this, these trade agencies were writing that it’ll open at 2 lakhs and do a lifetime business of 30 lakhs. Everyone scared me.”

However, the movie has really struck a chord with the masses, especially after its OTT release. The movie chronicles the struggles of Manoj Kumar Sharma who decides not to cheat and struggles despite all odds to clear the UPSC exam. A simple story of determination, never give up attitude and victory.

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