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Laapataa Ladies- a superb watch on Netflix.


If you want to watch a simple, beautiful yet outstanding movie, this one is for you. Running deep in emotions, there is something for everyone in this movie. It has an interesting take on women and how they should be treated with respect and dignity.

The story revolves around two newly weds who find themselves inadvertently separated from their husband’s moments after their respective weddings. The film is about mistaken identities but touches on the subtle topic of how marriage was considered as the be all and end all of a woman’s life. Jaya wanted to study agriculture but due to the emotional blackmail of her family, she agreed to marriage.

Priyanka Chopra has watched the film and lauded Kiran Rao for it. She wrote, “Thankyou for the entertainment and education @roadyness! Congratulations on this gem and make more movies!”

In an earlier interview, Kiran shared that almost women of all age brackets could relate to the film. She said, “There’s some sort of universality in a women’s experience across classes and a lot of that goes unacknowledged, unseen or unrepresented in cinema. Hearing the response to the film, I realized that it’s possible to change the status quo with very small interventions and reclaim some space for ourselves, even within the set up that we, maybe, cannot change. That has been nice to hear from women.”

I have seen the movie and am ready to watch it again.


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