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Watch the movie ‘The Idea of You’ on Prime Video.


The movie is about finding happiness. Solene, in her 20’s, its all a blur as she is busy raising her child while her husband is busy. Her 30’s go by being a single mom. She does not want life to pass by.

She is 40 and an art dealer. He is 24 and a mega pop star. Will cupid strike? Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galatzine, have a great chemistry and bring the plot to life. Based on a book, this is a good rom-com. A good story with a great cast and some wonderful singing.

Solene, is a woman who works at an art gallery. She has a teenage daughter from her previous marriage, that ended as her husband cheated on her. Solene has to chaperone Izzy to a meet and greet with the members of their favorite boy band, August Moon- clearly modelled on One Direction, where she chances upon this 24-year-old pop star.

Directed by Michael Showalter, who is famous for his breakout movie ‘The Big Sick’, this is an unexpectedly adult romantic drama, with a routine plot but stellar cast. It swings between melodrama and romance, a feel good movie.


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