Is it safe to go out for a walk now?

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As the condition of covid-19 continues to grim in India and in many states government has imposed a strict lockdown to ensure that the citizens remain safe at their home and do not break the protocol so that we can break the chain of the deadly virus. 

All the necessary activities are shut, gyms are closed and many people have this question in mind that is it safe to go out for a walk?

If you are also wondering the same, then we must tell you that experts suggest that it is better to stay at home and not to step out unless it is very essential.  If your health demands or your doctors have asked you to go out for a walk then only to step out otherwise practice indoor exercises to stay fit in these tough times. 


If your doctor has advised you to go for a walk then only step out and do not forget to wear a double mask, face shield, gloves. When you step out for a walk in the park avoid touching metal objects and don’t sit on any benches. Keep your walks shorter and go out at that time when places and parks are not crowded. And as soon as you reach home, sanitize everything, wash your clothes and immediately take a shower.

The same implies if you are taking your pet outside for a walk even in your neighborhood.  

The expert’s advice that people should avoid stepping out unnecessarily as they will invite unnecessary troubles for themselves and for their family members as the situation is worsening with every day. One should remain indoors and should eat healthy and practice indoors exercises. Although, if people want they can use their balconies or terrace to exercise in fresh air but should strictly avoid stepping out.

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