Want to travel in a budget? Follow these tips to save money while traveling


There are many ways that can help you save money for travel. Making small changes in your daily life can really help us save a lot for travelling. Learning how to save money on travel is not that challenging but instead it is rewarding. Reward yourself with adventures of traveling the world, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and cuisines. 

We have mentioned a few tips that will help you to save money when you are planning to travel. 

  1. Book your tickets in advance – If you want to travel by air, plan your trip in advance. When you book your air tickets in advance, they are comparatively cheap. Also, you can plan your travel around the time when tickets are cheaper and more affordable. The first thing after finalizing the trip should be booking the flight tickets.
  2. Travel in group– When it comes to budget traveling, it is recommended to travel in groups as it helps to reduce the cost. When you travel alone, you have to bear each penny while travelling, but if you travel in a group, it will help to cut down your cost as the amount will get divided in group members.   
  3. Travel off-season –   Traveling to a particular destination during off-season helps to save a lot of money as everything is quite cheap and easily affordable. You get accommodation at very cheap prices, local travel is cheap and most importantly places are not overcrowded. 
  4. Avoid staying at hotels– Booking hotels can be a really expensive affair. You can prefer hostel or home stay as it will be pocket friendly. Check reviews online before making any bookings. Hostel or home stays comes with an advantage of meeting like -minded people and you will get a perk of knowing different cultures and stories. 
  5. Commutes in Public Transport– Don’t go for booking cabs and taxis as it will hamper your budget, instead opt for local bus or metro or take a subway, bike, or even a walk as they are help you to save a lot.

Track your unnecessary spending– While travelling don’t get fascinated with expensive things you see while on the street or while visiting a market place. Spend your money wisely on things you need and cut down your expense on unnecessary shopping. Track your expenses where you are spending your money and from where you can cut down and save a bit.

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