Don’t we all love our morning cup of tea? The refreshing cardamon, ginger tea or a cup of black tea gets us started for the day. However, if we give this a deeper thought, which one is better?

Milk tea even though yummy, does cause bloating, indigestion and weight gain due to fats present in diary. Black tea is good for the heart and has a great effect on the bones.

Some of the negative effects of milk tea are;

  1. STOMACH ISSUES- Caffeine present in tea can dehydrate your body, leads to constipation and can cause bloating, gas and indigestion.
  2. SLEEP ISSUES- Milk tea has caffeine that causes difficulty in sleeping. Sugar in the tea makes it worse.
  3. WEIGHT GAIN- Milk tea with sugar has fat that leads to weight gain.
  4. ANXIETY- Overall too much caffeine in the body increases anxiety and causes an imbalance of our hormones.
  5. OTHERS- Milk tea causes dehydration, breakout of acne, headaches and imbalanced blood pressure.

Benefits of black tea are;

  1. HEART HEALTH- In many cases, black tea helps the heart. It has theaflavins that reduce cholesterol levels and flavonoids that reduce risk of heart disease.
  2. PREVENTS CANCER- It provides protection against breast, lung, thyroid and other gastric cancers.
  3. SKIN AND BONE HEALTH- It reduces arthritis and improves bone density, and gives better hair and skin.
  4. MENTAL FOCUS- Black tea helps to feel fresh, reduces blood pressure, is rich in antioxidants and can reduce any inflammation in the body.

Make your choice widely!

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