For long, the Kajol starrer ‘The Trial’ has kept us waiting. The series is ALL about Kajol. She has the limelight and the other actors like Kiran Kumar, Alyy Khan and Jisshu Sengupta, have tried to grab some space but their roles are not meaty, hence the spotlight is all on Kajol, so if you love her, you are in for a feast and fiesta.

This 8 episode series is believed to be an adaptation of ‘The Good Wife.’ It starts with Rajeev Sengupta’s scandalous video with a female escort going viral, resulting in him being banned from court and all his assets seized. His wife, Kajol/ Noyonika, is terribly shaken by the series of events in her life and joins a law firm.

Noyonika’s former friend offers her a job and slowly she excels at her cases. Her daughters are adversely affected by the father’s actions but Kajol is the resilient woman here, who faces her challenges head on.

The Trial, addresses all the challenges of a modern-day society- the influence of social media in our lives and the havoc news and reality shows can sometimes create. The series delves into all topics such as love, marriage, ambition, media trials, ethical concerns in legal profession and the clash between what is justifiable and what is expedient.

I would like to share some Twitter reviews which will shed light on the series. One user wrote, “The Trial series is made with only one goal- to defame the men, please stop this woke feminism #theTrial # Feminism # woke feminism.” Another feels, “Courtroom cases are won and investigated faster than maggi is made.”

So for all you Kajol fans, the show needs more substance.

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