There has been a piqued interest in Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2. From what we know, Akshay Kumar will don the avatar of Lord Shiva on screen.

The teaser of the film was released last week and there has been a lot of buzz ever since that the storyline revolves around the LGBTQ community. However, a close confidant states, “The rumors that the film will deal with the subject of LGBTQ are completely baseless. There is not even an ounce of truth in such reports.”

Further on, “While we understand that there is a lot of curiosity around what the film’s subject is, it will be better if people wait for the makers to release more information about the subject, instead of believing all such rumors.”

The film has Pankaj Tripathi as a devotee of Shiva, holding resolute to his faith despite all tragedies and personal loss. Yami Gautam will player the lawyer, Kamini Maheshwari in this film. Set to release on the 11th August, the movie has caused quite a stir.

According to reports, the Censor Board has decided to be careful about films dealing with religion. Adipurush may have come and gone, but the ripples it has created have had a deep impact. OMG, the predecessor was a huge hit with Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal. The board is looking over the dialogues and scenes in the film, so that no backlash happens later.

OMG 2, will clash with Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer Gadar 2 at the box office.

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