Have you seen Knives Out? A fantastic thriller! Neeyat, starring Vidya Valan, is on the same lines. The movie released on the 7th July at the box office and had a mixed bag of reviews.

The murder mystery film is available on Amazon Prime Video from 1st September. A post by Amazon Prime states, “unmasking lies, one suspicious presence at a time#neeyatonprime, watch now.” Starring Ram Kapoor, Prajakta Koli, Rahul Bose, Shefali Shah, Amrita Puri and others, the movie is directed by Anu Menon.

The movie is a murder mystery, a thriller that will keep you on a high. It’s a good blend of mystery, drama and suspense. There’s deceit, murder, lies, hidden agendas and more.

The movie starts with the flamboyant Ashish Kapoor, abandoning his life in London, and eloping to a 500-year-old castle, to celebrate his birthday with a selected group of friends. There’s a twist! A CBI officer, Meera Rao, arrives at the stop to arrest the millionaire for his corruption. Ashish decides to succumb to the government and lo and behold, he is killed.

CBI officer delves deep in the case and each friend has a motive to kill. Vidya Balan has delivered an excellent performance.

The narration is praiseworthy, the plot develops at a good pace and each interaction seems genuine. Just when you feel the mystery has unfurled, there’s another twist that will keep you awestruck.

With an IMBD Rating of 3.5/5, those who like mystery, can delve into this one.

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