An irate nun in Naples, Italy, who was filming a TV show, ripped away two female models who were kissing on the street and blaming it all on “the devil.”

While Serena De Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson, two actresses who are also models, were filming a commercial in Naples’ Spanish Quarter, the unusual incident took place.

A nun in an all-white habit ran up as the two actors began to kiss during filming the Italian program, Mare Fuori, and made an effort to break them apart.

The nun reprimanded them and even called them “devils.” Ferrari and Wilson, though, laughed it off since they both thought the scenario was funny.

They briefly held hands as both were sporting Napoli football team shirts before the nun ripped them away.

Following that, she said, “What are you doing? What do you have to say? The devil is in it! Jesus, Sant’Anna, Joseph, and Maria!

There was more to it. According to accounts, the num went on to accuse the younger generation of spreading the coronavirus.

The makeup artist for the filming revealed to local media after the surprise intervention that the nun had originally questioned the crew about attending mass that morning.

“The two main characters from Mare Fuori served as models for the magazine shoot that we were performing in an alleyway in the Quartieri Spagnoli. Unexpectedly, a nun approached and inquired about our attendance at morning mass “Roberts Mastalia stated.

“She began blaming our age for the coronavirus when we replied that we hadn’t attended the fair, when she saw the models kissing and rushed to stop them.

After being shared on Reddit, the incident’s video quickly gained popularity. Now, it has also been posted on various social networking websites.

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