Netflix will unveil on the 8th of February, 2024, a new rom-com series consisting of fourteen episodes, titled ‘One Day.’ The series is based on a book published in 2009 by David Nicholl.

The series is a full throttle love story and has been adapted to a movie as well starring Anne Hathaway. The story is about Dexter and Emma who graduate from University of Edinburg. Dex is a party lover, easy going guy, handsome dude and is looking forward to a year of travel. Emma is a visionary, someone who wants to change the world. They meet at the big post-graduation bash and hook up together.

They part ways but decide to check in every 15th of July. For a while they enjoy their separate lives and flings with other people but over a period of time, they’ll realise the bond they share and the feelings they have for each other are real.

The series takes us through the adventures of growing up, how reality hits hard. It will make you laugh, cry and believe in love.

Watch it on Netflix, it’s the bumpy ride of growing up from an adolescent to an adult, you win some battles, you lose some. But a very cute, watchable series…

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