Sometimes, we all go through a phase where we feel very lost, lonely and no matter how hard we try, the cycle is hard to break. The constant unhappiness drags one down but the cycle needs to be broken. Here are very tiny lifestyle changes you can adopt.

  1. EXERCISE- Exercise is the biggest stressbuster, it’s a powerhouse for physical and mental well-being. Making exercise a part of your daily regime, triggers endorphins that help one feel strong and happy.
  2. MEDITATION- Problems are a part of life, but meditation is the tool that helps you settle down and find tranquility. A state of acceptance sets in, that brings peace.
  3. CULTIVATE HOBBIES- Be it gardening, reading a book, painting or whatever interests you, do take time out and practice a hobby. It keeps you busy and gives you something to look forward to.
  4. SELF-COMPASSION- Try to be kinder to yourself, accept yourself the way you are. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but embrace your own circumstances and you will thrive.
  5. SET REAL GOALS- Try not to set targets that will disappoint you. Set real, achievable goals. Accomplishing tasks is very fulfilling.
  6. EAT RIGHT- Too much of junk food or sugar also makes one feel sluggish and low. A good, healthy diet cultivates a healthy body.
  7. SEEK HELP- Therapy is an underrated tool, it provides guidance, support and strategies to combat loneliness. Reaching out is a sign of strength.
  8. BE POSITIVE- Negative thinking is like a rope that can only pull you down. Focus on the good and the good will expand. Look at the good in your life and be grateful for it.

Unhappiness is not permanent, just keep the faith, this too shall pass.

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