This series is all about the young queen’s marriage to the King George of England. This is a story of love and tribulations. Being such a young queen had its own challenges. The series is a work of fiction inspired by facts.

This 6-episode series opens with young Charlotte being married against her will. Ready to climb the wall and run, she chances upon meeting King George in the garden and is charmed by him. She is all by herself on her honeymoon. Frustrated by her loneliness, she befriends Lady Agatha Danbury who advises her. The couple under pressure perform their marital duties and do fall in love, yet they do not express themselves.

Slowly Charlotte becomes aware of his mental conditions and his struggles.  A resplendent romance brews yet the journey of love has its fair share of thorns.

This is one series I really did not want to end. I loved the depiction of King Charles mental health and how much pressure he had to deal with since his early years. A strong bond with a loved one can help anyone tide over a crisis. Queen Charlotte rose to the duty of a Queen, confidant, friend and a therapist.

Shondra Rimes, the wrier has given us a wonderful story. The backdrop is excellent. The friendships’ one gets to see is endearing. Each one has their own battles yet united by love. I definitely recommend this one if you like period dramas.

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