Raja Chaudhary was frank in an interview with another news website about his life, relationships, and grieving his daughter. He gave passionate responses to every one of his inquiries.

Raja acknowledged that his drinking problem is his sole concern when he discussed Shradha Sharma’s conversation with her. For the same reason, he has seen physicians and psychiatrists. When asked why he couldn’t stop drinking, he stated that he is a damaged guy who is also struggling with his drinking addiction.

He mentioned that he was living with them in UP throughout the lockdown and mentioned how he wasn’t appreciated because he wasn’t doing anything. He said that despite his devotion, his parents didn’t need him and urged him to go back to Mumbai since he didn’t belong where they were staying. As a result, he departed.

He went on to claim that when his ex-wife Shweta Tiwari left him in 2007 and he joined Bigg Boss, a number of events affected the course of his life. He argued that he isn’t as horrible as he was depicted to be.

He said that she has banned his phone, talked about how he didn’t get to talk to her about his issues and used the example of a pilot who was denied a parachute but only one other pilot received one.

He said that although they are in touch, he has waited for her to respond to his emails and texts since she is so busy. He does not have the opportunity to meet Palak, and he is unsure if she has chosen to ignore him or is preoccupied.

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