According to the South Korean defence minister, military service may not be a barrier to BTS performing. Every man in the nation is typically required to spend 20 months in the military between the ages of 18 and 28.

BTS members were given the option to postpone starting their duty until they were 30 starting in 2020. The subject has gained attention in South Korea as Jin, the eldest member of the K-pop group, approaches 30 years old the next year. The issue of reducing service to three weeks is being discussed in parliament. Minister Lee Jong-sup said that there will be a means to allow BTS to train and perform together while speaking of the group.

In South Korea, men are required to serve in the military as part of an attempt to guard against their neighbor and nuclear-armed North Korea. This is contentious.

Over the years, several men have received exemptions, allowing them to postpone or serve for a shorter period of time. These men include medalists from the Olympics and Asian Games, as well as classical musicians and dancers who place first in particular events.

Son Heung-min, a football player for Tottenham, finished his three-week required military duty in 2020 and was recognized for his outstanding performance.

Son was freed from the 21-month military service requirement after he assisted South Korea in winning the 2018 Asian Games.

BTS said in June that they were taking a hiatus to develop and work on separate projects for a time but insisted that their breakup was temporary.

Defence Minister Lee Jong-sup said at a parliamentary hearing that by allowing BTS to keep performing, the military might advance national objectives without having an impact on the population’s decline due to low birth rates.

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