Jhunjhunwala was a man with excellent communication skills and a great asset to the financial world of India. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who passed away at the age of 62 on August 14, also had his share of involvement in the entertainment industry. He produced three movies- the Sridevi starrer English Vinglish in 2022, Shamitabh, and Ki& Ka.

Somewhere around his 50th birthday, the ‘Big Bull’ as he was lovingly called, was quizzed by Business Today TV’s Global business editor, Udayan Mukherjee, if Priyanka Chopra was his favorite heroine.

In Mr. Mukherjee’s exact words, “ So when I met him, I said to Rakesh I’ d say that you’ve become quite the ladies man these days. Priyanka Chopra and all I mean. Is she your favorite Bollywood heroine now or what?”

To this, Jhunjhunwala replied wittily that he loves Rekha, by which he did not mean the actress, but his wife. Mukherjee was bowled over by the befitting reply and Mukherjee adds, “ He just looked at me and said, hey young man, don’t you go around trying those tricks with me. Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs, as they say in England.”

‘English Vinglish’ made with a budget of Rs. 20 crores was very well liked and did a business of Rs. 84 crores across the globe.

Jhunjhunwala’s sudden death has left everyone shaken. Also called the “Warren Buffet of India”, he was at a very promising point in his career. His airlines ‘Akasa Air’, the budgeted airline was launched just a week before his sudden demise.

He was a big supporter of our Prime Minister, who lauded him as “indomitable, full of life, witty and insightful.”

Born in the state of Rajasthan and a professional charted accountant, he was dealing in stocks and his net worth is about $6 billion, according to Forbes.


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