Ranveer Singh has been under the radar for his nude photoshoot for a magazine. While fans and colleagues have lauded praises on the photos, many have taken offence to his ‘bold’ appearance and approached the Mumbai police to file a case against the actor. The police issued an FIR against him, and he was summoned to give his statement about the matter.

During this, the actor asserts that one of his photos has been tampered with. One of the photographs shared on social media, which was supposed to be a part of the ‘nude photoshoot’ for New York based Paper magazine, in which his private parts are visible, is morphed and does not belong to him, the actor records in his statement given to the police on August 29.

The police have acted and send the photograph to the forensic science laboratory to confirm the above. If Ranveer’s words hold true, he will be given a clean chit in the matter as the FIR was registered on the ground that his private parts were visible.

The photographs uploaded by Ranveer, on his Instagram account do not hold for obscenity, as no private parts can be seen.

In the words of the police officer, “in his statement, he has said that the seven photographs he posted on Instagram were not obscene and he was wearing underwear. He added that the photograph in which the complainant had alleged that his ’private parts were visible’ was morphed and not part of the photoshoot.”

The actors ‘photos’ in question were a tribute to the 70’s pop icon Burt Reynold who went nude for a shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972.

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