Rani Mukherjee, has earned a lot of appreciation ever since the release of the trailer of her upcoming film Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway was released. Her character has been inspired by Sagarika Bhattacharya’s true story where a mother fights the nation for the custody for her children in 2012.

The role essayed by Rani Mukherjee, is of a fierce mother going against the Norwegian government to get her kids back. The trailer starts with a happy mother and her husband and two kids. They live is Oslo in bliss until one day, the government officials come and snatch her kids away from her. What comes after is a hurricane of emotions of a bereaved mother.

The movie is set to release on the 17th March. The story is about a mother who was called “mentally unfit” to look after her kids. The children were to remain in custody of Child Welfare Services until the age of 18.

In an interview, she stated, “My son had some developmental issues while my daughter was still being breastfed when they were snatched away from me. Imagine my plight at that time.”

The emotional turmoil in a foreign land is heartbreaking with almost no help from her husband. The reason for the kids being taken away was as vague as making them sleep with her in the same cot and feeding them with hands, a practice very common in India.

A long battle goes on and she was finally vindicated by the Calcutta High Court in January 2013, when her children were handed to her. Sagarika now works as an IT professional in Noida and broke down profusely after seeing the trailer.

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