Sushmita Sen revealed on her Instagram post that she survived a major heart attack, where in a 95 per cent blockage was found in her main artery. The former Miss Universe underwent an angioplasty for the same.

Sushmita stated, “I know a lot of you will stop going to the gym and say ‘it did not help her’. But that is not good. It did help me. I survived a very big heart attack. It was massive with 95 percent blockage in the main artery. I survived because I kept an active lifestyle. I am very lucky to be on the other side. It doesn’t put fear in me, instead, I now have a feeling of promise to look forward to something.”

The Aarya actor profusely thanked her doctors and their team at the ICU. She said, “My hats off to you, my only request was that nobody should know that I was admitted and that there was a procedure going on, and they honored that and kept the privacy all the way until I was discharged.” She added a message for her ‘favorite cardiologist’, who said she had a big heart, “Thank you for making all of this so painless.”

Sushmita insists on regular health check ups and promises a powerful comeback in Aarya Season 3. She assures her fans to give them a season like never before.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Sushmita.

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