Since the season 1 finale of “Alchemy of Souls” is just one day away, fans have been wondering when the show would return for season 2. Despite the fact that season 2 was revealed in the middle, many people weren’t sure how long it would take. While K-dramas don’t frequently return for a second season, those that do, like “Sweet Home,” “Love Alarm,” and “Squid Game,” require some time. But much sooner than anticipated, “Alchemy of Souls” will have a second season.

Alchemy of Souls season 2 would premiere in December 2022, it was revealed on August 26 that filming had already started, and the season will be released in phases. There will only be a three-month wait for K-drama lovers when season 1 ends on August 28. “Alchemy of Souls” was produced by the Hong sisters, known for popular K-dramas including “Hotel Del Luna” and “Korean Odyssey.” The fantasy Korean drama “Alchemy of Souls” centers on Jung So-min as the assassin Naksu/Mudeok and Lee Jae-wook as Jang Uk. It deals with soul-shifting and a struggle between political factions to control this evil magic. Season 2 will only contain 10 episodes compared to Season 1’s 20.

Alchemy of Souls season 2 filming, according to the production, will wrap up as soon as this autumn. However, it has not been confirmed if Jung So-min, who is now portrayed by Go Yoon-jung, the original actress who played Naksu, will return for season 2. Those who admired Jung So-bold min’s yet endearing depiction of Naksu/Mudeok anticipated that she would continue to appear in season 2 as another character. The production slyly retorted that they couldn’t confirm if Jung So-min will return in season 2 since doing so would reveal the outcome of season 1’s conclusion.

The authors acknowledged that the tale of “Alchemy of Souls” was epic in scope and that they had always intended to split it into two parts. Season 2 is said to shift attention to Seo Yul’s family while Season 1 concentrated on Songrim and Jin Mu as the enemy. It makes sense that Go Yoon-jung, who plays the original Naksu, will return as the show’s lead actress in season 2 given that Naksu has regained her abilities and the season end hinted at her leaving Mudeok’s body. According to one story, a tvN broadcasting official alleges that Jung So-min was not spotted filming for season 2, while according to another, Jung So-min “almost never made an appearance.”

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