Shahid Mallya is certainly one of the finest and most admired singers and performing artistes in the Indian entertainment industry. The singer has been on top of his game right from the word go and today, everything that he is is a result of the hard work and efforts that he’s put in his life in all these years. As far as recent successful songs are concerned, the singer managed to mesmerize one and all big time with his work in recent songs like ‘Dil Khona’ from ‘Tera Kya Hoga Lovely’, ‘Jaane Kyun’ & ‘Hanya Lag Ja Gale’. All of these recent chartbusters have managed to create a special space in the minds and hearts of the audience and we love it. And guess what folks? Now, the talented and respected singer is now out with his latest release ‘Umar Qaid’. The song is beautifully sung by him and on being asked more about the same, he said and we quote,

“Umar Qaid is truly a very special song for me. The day is particularly very important and special for me due to a personal reason related to my love for music. The song has got the pulse of the audience sorted and no wonder, people will connect with it like never before. It is all set to take you on a soulful journey like never before. Stay rest assured. This song has a lot of emotional significance for me and is very special and that’s why, it makes me happy. Please let show some love.”

Well, kudos to Shahid for being the humble human being that he is. At a time and age when people are known to keep aside emotions from their work, people like Shahid show the way in terms of remaining humble and rooted despite achieving sky-touching success. Here’s wishing him good luck and success for everything that he does going forward in life. Stay tuned for more updates.

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