Advocates for a mental health claim that laws prohibiting abortion in certain jurisdictions include a harsh exception for life-threatening situations, but not for psychiatric crises.

An Arizona mother of three who grew suicidal during her fourth pregnancy and claims an abortion saved her life finds it incomprehensible. Or to researcher Kara Zivin, whose study indicates that these crises are prevalent and who almost died from a suicide attempt while pregnant.

Zivin had a healthy kid, but she understands the plight of expectant mothers who feel they have no choice but to terminate their pregnancies due to mental health issues.

Zivin, a professor of psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, and health management at the University of Michigan stated that “people frequently attempt to approach mental health as different from physical health as if your brain is somehow isolated from the rest of your body.”

Abortion restrictions established or implemented since Roe v. Wade was overruled in June highlight the disparity. Physical health is prioritised in at least eight states that offer exemptions for life-threatening diseases. The mother’s mental health is not taken into account.

Some of these exemptions have ambiguous language. Some are blatant. Laws in Georgia, Nebraska, and West Virginia specifically state that threats of suicide are not considered a medical emergency. A county judge’s finding on Tuesday that invalidated Georgia legislation is currently being appealed. Life-threatening diseases “other than a psychiatric disorder” are excluded under Florida law.

Some opponents of abortion claim that the rules were put in place to prevent women from feigning mental illness in order to get their pregnancies terminated by doctors.

Patricia, 31, a married “ordinary neighbourhood Chicana,” believes her anguish was very genuine. The Phoenix lady talked to The Associated Press under the condition that only her first name be published, citing safety and privacy concerns.

She claims that in the summer of 2018, she was hit by a wave of acute sadness that broke “not only my head but my heart and soul.” She couldn’t eat, sleep, or care for her three little girls adequately. Panic and suicidal ideas flooded her mind. She realized she was in no state to mother another child when she found out she was pregnant again a few weeks later

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