South Korean singer-songwriter Kim Seok-jin, better known as “Jin,” is a member of the well-known seven-member South Korean K-pop boy band “BTS,” which also performs under the stage name “Jin.” Jin started working in the music industry after being spotted by “Big Hit Entertainment.” In the group’s debut album, “2 Cool 4 Skool,” he ultimately made his breakthrough with “BTS.” He co-produced “Awake,” a solo single from “BTS'” second album “Wings,” for the first time. Epiphany, Jin’s second solo song, debuted at the top of many international charts (including the fourth spot on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart) and was featured on the BTS compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer.”

He has achieved fame on a global scale as a member of “BTS.” The group has achieved unheard-of levels of success and is famous for having a global impact. Jin and the other “BTS” members have received various honours and distinctions for their participation in the group, including South Korean President Moon Jae-“Hwagwan in’s Order of Cultural Merit,” fifth class. Jin has collaborated with fellow “BTS” member V on the song “It’s You,” in addition to presenting shows including “KBS Song Festival” and “Music Bank.”

The very fact that BTS is back is proof enough. The lads opened their much-anticipated reunion with a performance for a select crowd of 4000 ARMYs at Music Bank. Fans so excitedly anticipated the pictures they snapped on the way to work! These photographs are well-known among fans because they allow them to see superstars arrive for rehearsals in less-than-stellar clothes.

Nobody was disappointed by Jin. He wore slides, an oversized T-shirt, and casual jeans. His neon-colored bag added a pop of brightness to the otherwise neutral outfit. But more than the bag itself, it was Jin’s way of carrying it that caught the crowd’s eye. He had been holding his purse in two arms, trying to appear more peaceful and submissive. As his photos gained popularity on group networks, followers started to understand that he had been carrying his suitcase in the same position for a very long period. He was discovered to hold items in the most beneficial positions!

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