Today’s society sees women strolling side by side with men. Women have achieved the highest levels of success across many industries, from ruling a nation to travelling to space. Now, a truck-driving video of a woman has also appeared online. The video was posted on Twitter by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Awanish Sharan, and it has received more than 194,000 views and 11,000 likes.

When the video starts, a vehicle is seen approaching the camera. It might be challenging to comprehend what is occurring at first. However, a few seconds into the video, a woman can be seen expertly operating the vehicle and even grinning at the camera.

When translated into English, IAS Sharan captioned the video, “What does it signify to truck whether the driver is a guy or a girl.” The internet is still in shock over the touching video. The woman was praised by online users, who also deluged the comment area with heart and fire emojis.

Proud of her… fantastic was one user’s comment. One person said, “That grin… amazing!” The third person noted, “Inspirational,” while the fourth person added, “Her confidence level is really high. Thank you.

IAS Awanish Sharan, meantime, routinely publishes unique articles that grab readers’ attention online. He once posted a photo of his Class 10 grade report card to Twitter, which went viral. It indicated that he had passed the Bihar Board exam in 1996. Additionally, it indicated that he received 314 out of a possible 700 points, giving him a final grade of 44.85 percent.

Many were moved by his message, but it also raised the question of how the IAS official was able to select the Union Public Service Examination (UPSC) despite receiving low marks. Numerous thousands of people liked and shared his tweet.

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