An Indian Air Force fighter pilot is all to save the nation and rescue the hostage from terrorists. The movie has drawn its inspiration from the year 2016, when women were free to join the combat positions.

Tejas Gill alias Kangana Ranaut and her co-pilot Afia/ Anshul Chauhan, these two brave hearts are daring and all set to die for the love of India. The movie stands for the courage, grit and resilience of military heroes.

The movie has stirred a mixed response. Some have praised the film exuberantly while others feel its an epic let down. A fan writes, “Honestly apart from bring a fan of Kangana, Tejas is a brilliant movie to watch for real action of our Fighter plane. Kangana is awesome as Tejas Gill and last scene of Shri Ram Mandir inauguration and chanting of Jai Shri Ram, a must watch show of emotion.”

The movie is a patriotic film that stirs the soul. It also plays on the human sentiment of a woman’s struggle; each   woman struggles to prove her worth. The screenplay and dialogues needed more work and research. The movie revolves around only Kangana, and the other actors needed more screen time.

The air fights and fighter plane drills needed more attention, its not a masala Bollywood movie, this is real. Running in theatres with a screen time of 118 mins, watch Kangana’s multifold strikes!!

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