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The BTS Bias of Bella Poarch Is RM (She Even Has a Screenshot of Him at the Beach)


The members of BTS have a number of famous fans and pals. Bella Poarch of TikTok claimed that RM is her BTS bias, noting on her phone that the last screenshot she took was of this rapper at the beach. What we know about Poarch’s not-so-secret crush for Kim Namjoon is as follows.

BTS members are dubbed “idols” by their fans. BTS is the most popular boy band in the world, with RM serving as the group’s unofficial translator and formal leader. This rapper is also a member of the group’s songwriters, contributing to hits like “Boy with Luv,” “Life Goes On,” “My Universe,” and others.

Poarch, a TikTok celebrity turned artist, expressed her support for this K-pop group and a particular member. That’s RM, her BTS bias (a word for a fan’s favorite member in a group).

Poarch is a fan of BTS’ RM, and has openly admitted to having a crush on him. This artist was questioned whether she had any celebrity crushes during an unplanned 2021 interview with Gossip Bae. “Yeah, so I have a crush on one of the members of BTS,” she said. I’m not going to say who it is.”

Poarch has been outspoken about who she considers to be her prejudice since then. She disclosed that the last screenshot on her camera roll was “a photo of Kim Namjoon at the beach” when she took the “Cosmo Quiz.” Poarch even turned to Twitter in December 2021, posting “RM!

Poarch released a TikTok of herself with BTS’ RM on a beach as part of a TikTok craze. The image used in the TikTok was manipulated in some way. Even so, ARMYs told her to “get in line.”


Of course, the relationship between BTS’ RM and Poarch has yet to be proven. It’s unknown whether these superstars have ever met in person. Poarch, on the other hand, is verified to be a member of the BTS fan base.

BTS has famous ARMYs who show their love for the K-pop group on a regular basis. Jimmy Fallon, who wore a Jimin BT21 headband during one interview, was among others who identified their favorite members of the group.

Some celebrities choose RM as their favorite member because he is the group’s leader and rapper. Halsey is one of them, having devised a secret handshake with the “Persona” singer. Halsey was asked who her favorite member of BTS was in a rapid-fire interview with MYX Philippines.

“Oh, that’s difficult!” said the artist. “I can’t decide,” she says before mumbling, “RM.” John Cena, who is a lover of “old school rap,” expressed his admiration for “b-side” tunes and rappers J-Hope and RM.


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