Its cast is cartoonish, the plot at times loses track, yet Season 5 of The Crown streaming on Netflix is a must watch. Essentially, this season deals with Charles and Diana growing apart and the statement that there were “always three people in this marriage” really broke my heart.

This season doesn’t take anyone’s sides. It does not twist facts and gives us deep insight into the characters. As for the role of Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, she had done full justice to the character. She has portrayed the complex character to perfection. May it be the looks, voice, mannerisms or body language, she is truly incredible. A heartbroken woman, married to a man who loved someone else. She gets no love from her husband nor any sympathy from the Queen. She is a doting and devoted mother, always standing for her kids. She hardly had friends and was very lonely.

This season focusses on the period between 1991 to 1997. Mike Hale in NYT says, “History is, in general, the enemy of good storytelling and Morgan can’t be blamed for putting words in people’s mouths; his characters are his, not ours, and many of the show’s best moments are those characters stirring, wholly invented lectures on one another’s bad behavior.”

A character that deserves special appreciation is Mohamed Al Fayad, the controversial Moghul, who was an absolute delight. In the third episode, the Crown changes its course for an hour, to tell the story of an outsider whose destiny takes him very close to the Royals. In this episode, he introduces Diana to his son, Dodi and his how his fascination to the life of Royals, cost him the untimely demise of his son.

Overall, a show that shines but the monarchy dims in it.

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