The movie “K-Pop: Lost in America,” by director Yoon Je-kyun and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst, will start filming sometime in the next year, Yoon said on Monday.

Yoon stated via CJ ENM on Monday that “the script is presently being written, with a goal to start filming in the first part of next year.” “We’re going to team up with the top team in this industry.”

Yoon is well known for his blockbuster movies “Haeundae” (2009) and “Ode to My Father” (2014), both of which exceeded the threshold of commercial success in Korean film at 10 million ticket sales. Obst, a well-known producer who worked on the movies “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993) and “Interstellar” (2014), is well-known for his affinity for K-pop and Korean culture in general.

In “K-Pop: Lost in America,” a Korean boy band makes their American debut in New York City but gets lost in a small Texas hamlet without any money or cell phones. It would be a “coming-of-age road movie as teenagers mature by fumbling through their adventure,” CJ ENM further said.

Currently, boy band Astro member Cha Eun-woo, a singer and actor, is being considered for the main role. Rebel Wilson and Charles Melton, two well-known Hollywood actors, have already been named cast members.

Director Yoon noted, “There’s a particular kind of joy coming from diverse cultures colliding.” We are in deep conversation with a group of Hollywood authors.

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