After Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing, actor Swara Bhasker expressed her opinions on the “agenda-driven” campaign. The controversial actor admitted that she does not comprehend the “Justice for SSR” movement and claimed that it has taken on the characteristics of a cult.

The actor remarked, “It’s a really well-thought-out, organized effort,” in an interview with Frontline. It is simply motivated by agendas, and if you know what they are and who is sponsoring them, you can see the big picture. After then, it gets harder and harder to continue to regard it as an organic phenomena. To be honest, I still don’t really comprehend the “Justice for SSR” concept. It developed into a cult or something extremely similar to one.

Following the shocking murder of Sushant Singh Rajput, which shook the whole nation, a number of Bollywood celebrities, including Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, and Rhea Chakraborty, were ruthlessly trolling on social media. The “Justice for SSR” movement was launched on social media shortly after his passing because the internet was persuaded that Sushant was a victim of nepotism and politics in Bollywood.

Speaking about how Bollywood celebrities were singled out by trolls, the actor said that she had counseled her colleagues to refute any accusations leveled against them. This is what occurs when there isn’t a compelling counter-narrative, she said. I warned my industry peers that being silent is a mistake they should not make. They ought to have refuted the untruths the SSR handles were spreading about them. Their silence was seen as support for these outrageous claims.

Recently, Swara appeared in the film Jahaan Chaar Yaar. Shikha Talsania, Meher Vij, Pooja Chopra, Girish Kulkarni, and Manish Chadhari are featured in the movie as well. Swara claims that the movie is a buddy-comedy centred on “behenjis.” This narrative reverses the script and demonstrates the cool, tough, and sassy nature of behenjis, she said. The movie came out on September 16.

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