Anupamaa stands up for Kinjal and cautions Baa to allow Kinjal and Paritosh make their own decisions while Baa causes a commotion at the Kapadia residence, kidnaps Arya from Kinjal, and calls Anupamaa a home-breaker.

The most popular programme on Star Plus, Anupamaa, has taken an intriguing turn in its plot as Paritosh is revealed and doesn’t feel bad about his error. So, Kinjal vacates the residence and relocates to the Kapadia House.

In today’s episode, Barkha advises Kinjal to get rid of Toshu and live her life on her own terms since she is capable of doing so. Kinjal expresses gratitude and informs the woman that she simply needs privacy. Baa instructs Samar to take her to Toshu’s lodging since he is contemplating suicide. Arya is choking, and Kinjal goes to Anuj to warn him and urge him to contact Anupama. When Anuj contacts Anupama, she instructs Kinjal to continue stroking Arya on the back. Anuj requests that GK contact an ambulance. Toshu’s failed marriage is due to Anupama, according to Baa, who requests that Vanraj retrieve Kinjal.

We previously saw Baa arrive at the Kapadia estate and make the decision to take Arya and Kinjal back home. Later, she just begins removing Arya from Kinjal even if the latter is not prepared to do so.

Anupamaa is identified by Baa as the home-breaker in the future song, and Baa does not want Kinjal to fall for Anupamaa’s tricks. Anupamaa, however, takes a strong stance and demands that Kinjal and Paritosh, not Baa, make life-or-death decisions for them.

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