Sophia Loren is a star of Hollywood’s golden era; she has a career over seven decades with numerous accolades under her wings.

In her latest Italian movie, directed by her son Edoardo Ponti, based on Romain Gray’s 1975 book The Life Before Us, she has delivered a masterpiece. She plays the role of Madame Rosa, a holocaust survivor and an ex-prostitute, she spends her time looking after abandoned children.

Rosa meets Momo, who lost his mother and tried to steal from Madame Rosa in a market. Dr. Coen makes Momo return the stolen goods and apologize to her. She begrudgingly takes him under her wings and the friction between the two, leads to some wonderful moments in the movie. Momo is a wonderful, kind, talented kid who is majorly in need of maternal guidance and love.

The Life Ahead is a wonderful movie that touches the heart. It’s a wonderful story of a bitter relationship and how friendship, love, trust and dependency grow between them. The elegant and beautiful Loren and Young Gueye have performed their roles to perfection. Among the supporting cast of actors, Babak Karimi and Abril Zamora’s acting, and their stories add to the flow of the story. It might not be a perfect movie, but the endearing bond between the troubled youth and ailing Sophia along with the ocean of sorrow that engulfs all human beings and how each one can support the other, is brilliantly displayed in the movie.

Watch it on Netflix.

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