Toshu expresses gratitude to Leela and Vanraj for returning Pari and Kinjal to their house. Vanraj claims that just because Kinjal and Pari were brought back for the family, it doesn’t mean that they have now forgiven him. Instead, it is good for him that Kinjal hasn’t made up his mind yet, giving him a chance to win Kinjal’s forgiveness. He shouldn’t blow this opportunity, though, as nobody is given a second chance. Leela advises him to steadfastly earn Kinjal’s heart once more because it takes years to establish a choice and seconds to destroy it. Toshu promises to give it his all. Let’s have a great celebration of Navratri, Leela urges. Kavya promises to buy Pari a fancy lehanga. Little Matarani will rejoice with her entire family, according to Toshu.

Hasmukh claims that because there have previously been several battles, the problem can be discussed quietly and resolved peacefully. Rakhi claims the problem was resolved, but by bringing Kinjal here, Vanraj and Leela made it worse once more. According to Toshu, Anupama already made things worse; the problem is his and Kinjal’s to handle peacefully, therefore she shouldn’t get involved. Rakhi questions why she can’t step in if he is having an affair. She questions Kinjal about what she noticed in Toshu, who lacks both intelligence and good looks and doesn’t even have a job yet wants to live a luxury lifestyle. Toshu asserts that they will resolve their family conflict amicably. Rakhi claims that the hotels in Rajkot don’t resolve problems. In a flash of wrath, Leela questions why she wants to wreck her daughter’s life.

Rakhi claims that the person who once expelled her god-like spouse from the home is talking about damaging lives; despite being uneducated, she holds a master’s degree in double standards.

Rakhi pours green tea for Kinjal and advises her to remove the bandages from her wounds and go with her home since the more she waits, the harder it would be for her to make decisions. After she goes, Leela enters with laddus for her and declares that a good existence cannot be had apart from family. Next, Vanraj provides some medications. He expresses his happiness that Kinjal has come home and assures her that the entire family will take care of her and Pari. From a seller, Leela purchases a lehanga choli for Pari. Hasmukh requests a lehanga from the merchant for even a 7-year-old girl. Leela screams, “Why should we squander money! Little Anu’s parents must have spent millions on expensive lehangas.”

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