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The video shows UP police officers stopping an autorickshaw in Fatehpur with 27 people


In a frightening video posted on social media, police officers are seen removing passengers from an autorickshaw in the Fatehpur region of Uttar Pradesh. An officer is seen counting the people as they exit one by one. Everyone was shocked to see 27 people, including children, crammed into one autorickshaw after the final passenger was removed.

According to sources, the passengers are Mehraha locals who were travelling back to Bindki after praying for Bakri-Eid.

Many people have made fun of the popular video on social media, while others have expressed worry for the passengers’ safety. A user commented that India is the only place where such a remarkable performance can be observed.

One autorickshaw carrying 27 passengers, according to a different user. the outcome of the rapid population growth.

The autorickshaw was halted close to Fatehpur’s Bindki Kotwali neighborhood after the on-duty policeman pursued it down for speeding. The autorickshaw, which can hold four to six people, had 27 passengers crammed inside, which caught the officers off guard. A bystander captured the event on camera and shared it online. Amjad, the autorickshaw driver, was warned by the police, who also took possession of his vehicle.

The occurrence in Uttar Pradesh is not the first of its kind. A different picture of a guy riding a bike with six other people, including kids, from Etah, Uttar Pradesh, recently went viral. In an effort to raise awareness, UP Police tweeted the image.

A tweet from the official account of the Uttar Pradesh Police said, “Challan se nahin, Yamraj se dariye (Not the challan but dread Yamraj, the god of death)”. A police officer can be seen in the shot standing with his hands folded in front of a bike that had seven people on it, including a mother and children.


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