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This American guy has been eating McDonald’s Big Mac every day for the past 50 years, setting a world record in the process.


In 2021, we told you about Donald Gorske, a guy from the United States who has held the Guinness record for consuming 32,340 Big Mac Burgers since 1972. If you think that’s all, you’ll be surprised to learn that Donald just celebrated 50 years of eating a Big Mac every day by making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the second time.

“Yesterday, 17 May 2022, was the 50-year anniversary of his eating the McDonald’s burger virtually daily (missing just eight days over the past half-century),” GWR’s official Instagram page verified the news.

Donald believes the Big Mac Burger is the “greatest sandwich in the world,” according to the GWR website, which explains why he has eaten one virtually every day for the past 50 years! He eats two Big Macs every day more frequently than not.

Donald was awarded the Guinness World Records title for the Biggest Mac burgers consumed in a lifetime in 1999, according to the GWR website. In 2021, he consumed 32,340 Big Macs.

His favourite Big Mac Burger consists of one bread divided in half, lettuce, greens, a cheese slice, and a patty, all of which are topped with sauces.

“I don’t know the explanation for his passion with Mac Burgers, but it is something special,” his wife Mary Gorske says in a video released by GWR in 2021.

Donald has been a frequent visitor to the business, and after his retirement, he returns twice a week to savour his favorite burger, according to Dave Rause, McDonald’s Franchise owner.

He is, nonetheless, healthy and fit. Donald’s blood sugar is normal, and his cholesterol is excellent, according to his wife in the video.

Donald, 51, is hyperactive and walks a lot to stay in shape, and he aspires to eat a Big Mac Burger every day of his life.

According to the GWR website, the branch posted a banner outside saying “Congrats Don on 50 Years of Macs” on the day of his eating milestone.

Donald keeps precise records of all the burgers he’s consumed by saving specific burger boxes and receipts for the uninitiated. He also has glass displays with burger boxes from various historical periods, tracking the design variations through the decades.

According to Donald’s comments to GWR, he would eat Big Macs every day for the rest of his life.


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