Everybody cooks in a method that is distinctive to them. Some people enjoy cuisine with more masalas, some people might favour more veggies, and some people use different cooking methods. Despite these factors, we prefer to eat our meals the conventional way most of the time. This might not apply to everyone, though. You may be astounded when you encounter folks who want their meal prepared somewhat differently from others. One such online video has recently bewildered a lot of people. Now, if you’re wondering what this video is about, allow us to explain. Someone was spotted removing the veggies from their daal with a strainer. You did read that correctly.

We can see that there is daal on the gas stove in a video posted by the Instagram account @imjustbesti and originally made on TikTok by user Monika Vaswani. She then begins straining the tomatoes, onions, and curry leaves out of it, leaving only the leftovers to be enjoyed. The video’s description said, “Am I the only one that carries this out? I won’t eat daal unless it’s been strained.”

This video has received 30k likes, 1.4 million views, and several comments since it was released. This shocked many individuals to their core. “Man’s drinking straight up turmeric water,” one commenter said. Do me a favour and don’t have it, said another. commented a further user, “Why even inquire as to whether you are the only one? Why do you even have to inquire as to whether you are the only one? You truly are the sole one.)”

The delightfully added, “Bro, we as a complete desi community disavow you,” was also said by several. “Mummy thapad maar dengey agar itne nakhre kiye toh,” another individual commented (My mom will slap me if I have these tantrums.)

What are your thoughts on this video? Have you ever used your daal in this manner? Tell us in the comments section below.

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